Traveling Abroad With Pets

The world of our companion animals is ever expanding!  Instead of being left home, or having to be re-homed, when their families travel or move outside of the continental United States, more and more pets are going with their families to exotic destinations!

Each country, as well as Hawaii and Alaska, have their own laws and requirements regarding pets entering or leaving their borders.  Some places require health certification from a specially appointed United States Department Of Agriculture veterinarian, Rabies disease testing by the Kansa State University Laboratory, and implantation with specific microchips with certain ISO requirements.  Not only that, but specific airlines also have their own requirements regarding the certification of health for pets traveling in the cabin or cargo hold.

The Suffolk Veterinary Group Animal Wellness Center looks forward in helping you in any way possible to ensure that your pet meets those travel requirements and can join their family wherever they are going, whether is only across the country…or across the world!!

We are proud to special order for our patients the Avid EuroChip that is ISO 11785 compliant for travel to many worldly destinations.  Unfortunately, the HomeAgain microchip is not acceptable for travel outside the continental United States, or in much of the world, so if your pet already has a HomeAgain microchip and registration, they will need an Avid EuroChip and registration with the Avid PetTrac Database to travel.  Having two microchips is not detrimental to your pet’s health in any way, and indeed, can provide double the amount of insurance that your pet is properly located should they get lost while in transit.

We also have a universal microchip scanner that can confirm microchip identification of any microchip in a pet if you believe your pet’s current microchip is compliant with the laws of your destination.  Many destinations require that a Veterinarian provide certificate of ownership and proof of microchip identification for travel, and Dr. Winkler with our universal scanner can provide this for you.

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Many certifications have specific time frames in which they must be completed, whether this is in regards to the implantation of a microchip and a Veterinarian confirmation of ownership, Rabies vaccination, or specific health requirements in regards to avoiding or shortening quarantines periods.  Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to know all those requirements of every country in the world.  Therefore, we kindly request that any family planning to travel with their pet please consult the following links and resources to ensure that they meet all the requirements so their pet does not get left behind!

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Helpful Links For National And International Pet Travel:
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Avid Identification Systems– Use this site to enroll your pet in the Avid PetTrac database, update your contact information, or Report a Lost or Found Pet.  You can also call PetTrac at 1-800-336-2843.

The United States Department Of Agriculture – Lots of information about travel with pets

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) – Health certification required for travel to certain countries. Contact your destination country to find out if your pet requires APHIS travel certification for entry.

As of 03/02/2016 the only veterinary hospital that comes up as APHIS accredited on Long Island in a Google Search is West Hills Animal Hospital and Emergency Center. Their only requirement for your pet to receive APHIS certification for travel is that your pet have a complete physical examination by their APHIS doctor within the time frame necessary for such examination to be completed by destination country’s requirements, and that the APHIS accredited doctor be presented with all veterinarian-signed health certificates for review and verification during the exam.  All other vaccinations and travel requirmements can be completed with your pet’s regular veterinarian as long as they are completed within the time frame requirements of your destination country.

New York State Department Of Agriculture & Markets – Information For Pets Leaving & Entering NYS

The United States Department Of State — A list of the US Consulates in other countries.  These consulates will have the most up-to-date information and laws regarding pets entering or leaving a foreign country. – A very comprehensive and helpful website regarding national and international travel

Kansa State University Rabies Laboratory – Many quarantine procedures, especially in Rabies-free places like Hawaii, require that your pet have a Rabies Blood Titer done at this laboratory to avoid lengthy quarantine times for your pet.

If you’d like to schedule your pet for an appointment, or have any questions regarding traveling with your pet, please call us at 631-696-2400.