The Sweet Spot For Your Pet’s Yearly Care

You may not be aware of this, but there is a perfect time of year for your pet’s yearly preventative care and health exam.

September and October can be considered the “sweet spot” for getting the appointment you want at the Suffolk Veterinary Group Animal Wellness Center. With back-to-school in full swing, many of our families are now concentrated on homework and after-school activities, leaving our most sought after appointment hours (between 3pm and 7pm) open to a greater number of people. This is just one of the many reasons why right now is the best time for you and your pet to schedule an appointment with us.

Another is that you have the approaching holiday season. There’s a lot of coordinating who’s going where, when. Uncle Fred may be allergic to cats. Aunt Betty doesn’t want a dog over at her house. You may be planning to be out-of-town, and need a kennel or sitter for your pet while you are away.

This is where having your pet’s yearly preventative care up-to-date with signed certificates BEFORE you absolutely need them is really handy. Kennels and sitters get booked quickly during the holiday season, and we’ve had desperate families call us when they can’t find a kennel or sitter to watch their pet. Having your pet’s yearly preventative care updated in September or October can ensure that you get the kennel dates you want and need because you don’t have to wait for that trip to the veterinary office before you can book. Kennels and sitters will ask for certification of vaccines, and if you have those certificates at the ready, they can more easily book your pet sooner.

The same with groomers. Everyone wants their pet to look good in holiday pictures, don’t they? Groomers can more easily book your pet during their busiest time of year when your pet’s vaccine certificates are up-to-date.

Thirdly…while June, July, and August seem like sweet memories now, many of us are already looking forward to that week away we anticipate taking next year. Unfortunately, So Is Everyone Else!

In 2013, the Suffolk Veterinary Group Animal Wellness Center’s reduced-cost Well-Pet Care Program was so popular that we were not able to schedule everyone an appointment BEFORE they left on vacation. Too many of our families waited until the last minute to get their pet’s vaccines up-to-date as is required for kennels, and missed out on saving themselves a lot of money with our Well-Pet Care Program. Instead, these families had to seek veterinary care elsewhere, and we can’t speak for the price they paid or the quality of care they received. We were heartbroken to have to disappoint so many families and patients. Dr. Winkler provides every one of our patients with personalized care, and we did not want to compromise his ability to make sure he gave each pet his complete attention.

But, getting your pet their yearly preventative care and certificates in September and October ensures that Those Certificates Are Still Valid For Next June, July, And August!! Don’t wait until June 26th to schedule your pet’s yearly preventative care and certificates when you’re leaving for vacation on June 27th!! Not only does this not allow your pet’s immune system any significant amount of time to respond to the vaccines and provide effective immunity to those highly contagious disease, but, we possibly just won’t be able to “squeeze you in” without undue inconvenience and frustration to everyone!!

Reduce your wait time, be prepared, get your pet’s yearly preventative care NOW!! September and October are truly the “sweet spots” for your pet’s veterinary appointment!

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