“How my heart beats for thee, let you count the ways,” Stella tells Dr. Winkler as she receives her Yearly Preventative Health Exam. Cardiac health is very important in large breed dogs.

Stella is sitting on our lift scale. This device not only weighs your pet, but allows the Veterinarian and Veterinary team to lift your pet off the floor into a more comfortable position for your pet’s examination.

In order to have our companion animals live long and healthy lives, we at Suffolk Veterinary Group Animal Wellness & Laser Surgery Center believe in practicing proactive medicine through the use of yearly preventative health exams, vaccinations, preventative medication, nutrition, and diagnostic screenings in order to detect illnesses before they become detrimental to the happiness of our pets.

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Dog Health & Wellness

Our Dog Health & Wellness programs involves more than just receiving “shots.” Our Veterinary Team uses their combined skills, along with your description of your dog’s lifestyle, to create an individual health care profile for your dog to make sure they get exactly what they need.

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Cat Health & Wellness

Our Cat Health & Wellness programs take into account individual risk factors in your cat’s lifestyle to determine what health care profile will best keep them purring. Whether indoors or outdoors, cats of all ages benefit from yearly health exams for the early detection of diseases.

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Senior Pet Health & Wellness

Because our pets age much faster than we do, Suffolk Veterinary Group Animal Wellness and Laser Surgery Center provides a Senior Health & Wellness program to meet an elderly pet’s particular needs. Many of these programs incorporate the management of pain and chronic conditions so that your pet can remain active and comfortable well into what is considered old age.

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Famosa is very interested to hear what Dr. Winkler has to say regarding her health. And it’s all good news!

Please call us at 631-696-2400 to schedule your pet’s Yearly Preventative Health Exam right away. Appointments are limited during our day, so schedule in advance so that your pet gets the quality care and service they need before any boarding or grooming.