If only we had the x-ray vision of so many of our favorite super heroes. Many diseases that our Veterinarians treat begin on the inside of our companion animals, out of sight, and sometimes are not detectable even with a comprehensive physical exam. This is why a complete and thorough history of your pet’s whereabouts, eating habits, past incidents of vomiting and diarrhea, and any unusual behaviors is such a very important part of the time we spend with you during your pet’s exam consultations. By evaluating the whole story, our Veterinarians will be able to determine whether your pet requires radiographs to complete their diagnostic picture.

Radiographs take more than just pictures of bones. With radiographs of your pet, the Veterinarian can determine the size and placement of certain organs to evaluate for deformities, discover if there are foreign objects within their stomach and intestines, and assess the extent of internal damage done by trauma. Taking radiographs is an important first step to determine if your pet needs invasive surgery, or additional treatments such as casts and splints. Without radiographs, Veterinarians would be left blind to disease processes going on inside our pets, such as the spread of cancer tumors, that decrease the quality of life our pets experience. The super power of radiographs allows us to be heroes when our pets need us the most.

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