Microchip Implantation & Identification

Collars and tags are simply not enough to identify your pet and ensure that you are accepted as their rightful owner. Microchips are a safe and affordable way in which your pet is properly identified should they ever become lost, or stolen. And instead of having your address and phone number dangling in public from a collar, your private information is kept confidential in a secure database to reduce the chance of identity theft.

The procedure of implanting a microchip is quick and painless, and the microchip stays with your pet for their entire life, embedded under the skin where it cannot fall out or be removed.

Your pet can receive a microchip no matter how old they are. Dr. Winkler and the entire Veterinary Team at Suffolk Veterinary Group Animal Wellness & Laser Surgery Center have microchips implanted in their pets. In fact, the hospital mascot, Jack, had his microchip with him for 14 years without any adverse effects! Dr. Winkler’s cat, Famosa, has a microchip due to her love of dashing out the door as the family leaves the house, and has for 12 years and counting.

Microchips are especially important for cats that are allowed outdoors, and for dogs that have made it a habit of escaping from their yard or losing their collars. One of the best uses of a microchip is to reunite you and your companion animal if you ever get separated in an emergency. Our recent experiences with Hurricane Sandy in 2012 have made us all feel the importance of microchips in reuniting lost pets with their families, or even just making sure your pet is safe and properly identified if they are in a shelter.

The Suffolk Veterinary Group Animal Wellness Center offers two high quality microchipping options.

For pets that plan on staying local, we have our HomeAgain Microchips and Registration in their National Pet Recovery Database available.

In the past few years we have had more and more companions travelling the world. We have had patients go to Great Britain, Israel, Germany, Japan, and even Egypt! Many countries require that all companion animals entering their borders have a specific microchip in compliance with international animal import and export laws. The Suffolk Veterinary Group Animal Wellness Center is proud to carry Avid EuroChips that are ISO 11785 compliant, and to special order them upon request to any patient requiring microchipping and certificates of ownership for travel abroad.

Visit our Pet Owners Information page to learn more about travel with your pet.

The size of a microchip is so small, the size of a grain of rice, but it is such a big and important part of keeping your pet safe, and making sure that they are reunited with you. Call 631-696-2400 to have your pet microchipped today.