Online Pharmacy Special Offers

The Suffolk Veterinary Group Animal Wellness & Laser Surgery Center’s online pharmacy offers you and your special companion the convenience of home delivery, automatic refills, and the direct connection between an online pharmacy and veterinarian. Our online pharmacy also offers you the opportunity to participate in exclusive special offers and rebates.

All special offers and rebates associated with our online pharmacy are specific for online pharmacy purchases only, and are not available for in-clinic purchases. Special offers and rebates are available for limited times only, and subject to expiration without notice. Special offers and rebates are available 1 time per client per purchase, and cannot be combined. Any special pricing or discounts offered through the online pharmacy are for online pharmacy purchases only, and are not available for price matching within the clinic.

If you have any questions regarding any of the below special offers, call the online pharmacy at 1-888-280-2221 Monday through Friday 9am to 5pm.

Scroll down this page to learn about all the online special offers for your special companion!!

Monthly Coupon Codes

Monthly coupon codes and special offers will vary from month to month. If you are a registered member of our online pharmacy, you will receive personal emails to the email address you use for your online pharmacy account inviting you to use these special offers. Check your Spam Filters and change your email Spam Filter options if you do not receive these emails. Or re-subscribe within your online pharmacy account to allow for receipt of promotional emails.

Monthly coupon codes cannot be combined with any other online pharmacy special offers, and are 1 time per client per purchase use only. Suffolk Veterinary Group has no control over how your coupon codes are applied to your purchases. We will update monthly coupon codes to our website and Facebook page as best we are available to do so, but do not guarantee updates.

Bravecto Rebate Submission Codes

In order to participate in the Bravecto Rebate special offer through the online pharmacy, you must call Vet’s First Choice at 1-888-280-2221 to receive a rebate code. Suffolk Veterinary Group no longer has rebate codes here in our office as we no longer carry Bravecto in the clinic.

Once you receive your rebate code, you may visit to submit your rebate offer online. Each rebate code is individual, and can only be used 1 time for 1 total purchase.

Purchases for rebates must be on the same receipt, and receipt must contain the following information: Your Name, Number Of Product Dose Purchased, Purchase Date, and Pet Name.

Receipts should be submitted either by uploading them directly to the MyPet Rewards website, or mailed with the online confirmation form to:

Rewards Processing Center
PO Box 550589
Atlanta, GA 30355

Rebate Submission Mailed To The Above Address Must Contain The Online Confirmation Form Printed From The MyPet Reward Website Submission Process To Be Valid. Suffolk Veterinary Group is not responsible for the submission process of MyPet Reward rebates, nor are we responsible for any rebate payments. MyPet Rewards reserves the right to end this rebate offer at any time for any reason without prior notice, and to discontinue payments upon this rebate for any reason at any time without prior notice. For specific rebate questions call MyPet Rewards directly at 1-844-697-3840.