Beware of Counterfeit Dog & Cat Medications

Families shopping for brand name products in flea, tick, or other parasite control for their pets need to be wary of counterfeit products out on the market, and frequently sold online. These products come from unknown sources, not qualified pharmacy companies, and may not even be produced in the United States.

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), these products are packaged to look like the brand name product, but are Not approved by the EPA for use in cats and dogs. They are frequently missing the required package inserts that contain important product disclosure information. They do not have child-safety seals, they make false claims of effectiveness, and often what is advertised on the box is Not what is in the box.

Counterfeit products can be dangerous to your pets!! The use of such products may produce vomiting, diarrhea, skin rashes and severe allergic reactions, kidney or liver illness, and other forms of poisoning. Using a counterfeited product could potentially be fatal to your pet! Many dog products Cannot Be Use On Cats, and yet a counterfeit product for cats may be a dog product falsely advertised as a cat product. Overdosing can occur if a product falsely advertised for a small pet is really the same amount for a very large pet. The worst part is that the ingredients advertised on the package are more often Not the ingredients of the product you are putting on you pet.

If you have any doubt as to the nature of a product you purchased online, the Suffolk Veterinary Group Animal Wellness and Laser Surgery Center PetCare Team strongly advises you NOT TO USE THAT PRODUCT ON YOUR PET! In the event that you have used such a product on your pet, and your pet is displaying signs of poisoning, contact our office and the animal poison control hotlines immediately, then take your pet to the closest animal emergency facility as soon as possible.

This is why the Suffolk Veterinary Group Animal Wellness & Laser Surgery Center does not recommend the use of internet pharmacies other than our own Vets First Choice Online Pharmacy to our clients. We have verified with our own pharmacy makers that they send their brand name products directly to our Vets First Choice Online Pharmacy, so there is no question that what you are purchasing is exactly as advertised, and is safe for your pet when properly administered.

Use other online pharmacies at your own risk.

Vets First Choice Online Pharmacy allows us to offer you competitive pricing on a wide variety of prescription preventative medications, and the convenience of home delivery all with the confidence of knowing that you are getting your special companion’s prescription medication directly from qualified manufacturers backed by their guarantees!

“Please, keep me safe.” Licorice is happy to know that her prescription pain management medication comes from a bone-ified pharmacy company so she can continue to enjoy a pain-free quality of life.

Call 631-696-2400 if you’d like us to register you for a Vet’s First Choice Online Pharmacy account.