Entropion is a condition in which the pet’s eyelids are folded inward towards the eye. Usually a congenital condition, and often seen with certain breeds such as Mastiffs, Shar Pei, Chow Chow, and Pug, the disease causes trauma to the eye by the turned eyelids rubbing on the surface of the cornea. This trauma can lead to the eye becoming chronically painful, and even blindness can result. The discomfort can lead the pet to self-mutilation, causing further trauma. The condition can be treated surgically by removing excess tissue of the eyelid. The surgical laser can achieve a similar result without removing tissue or using sutures, however.

Under general anesthesia, the laser is used to create a series of “X” patterns in the skin of the affected eyelids. Instead of cutting out excessive tissue, the heat from the shallow laser patterns cause contraction of the skin itself, pulling the eyelid folds away from the surface of the eye. The effect is immediate, and usually curative. The patient goes home the same day, with an Elizabethan collar on to prevent interference with healing. The collar is worn for at least 1-2 weeks. Scarring from the laser is minimal and usually goes unnoticed after your pet’s hair has re-grown over the surgery site.

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