The removal of toes, tails, and even limbs in, dogs and cats is usually performed in times of extreme trauma or the presence of cancer. Although amputation is often unfortunate and undesirable, it can prove very effective in improving your pet’s condition when other measures have failed or are impractical, and your pet is otherwise suffering from the condition.

Tail injuries can also be caused by excessive self-inflicted trauma such as wagging into walls or biting and licking the tail compulsively.

The removal of a diseased eye that is causing pain is called enucleation, and is likewise performed in cases of severe trauma to the eye, glaucoma, or cancer.

Use of the surgical laser in amputations seals small blood vessels, decreasing bleeding of the skin and muscles at the amputation site, and also seals nerve endings and lymphatics to reduce pain and inflammation. This allows for a faster and more efficient surgery, with less pain and faster recovery for your pet. Your pet will typically be discharged the same day. Your pet will receive antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, and an Elizabethan Collar to prevent trauma to the surgery site as it heals. Some amputation areas require bandage changes which may be necessary every 3-5 days. Depending on the condition and the age of the pet, the Therapy Laser may be employed to enhance the healing process and help your pet feel better faster. We stand ready to assist you with post-operative recovery and rehabilitation to return your pet to a full and happy life with you as soon as possible.

Suffolk Veterinary Group no longer performs elective feline de-claw procedures, and does not perform elective ear cropping in dogs or cats. We thank you for your understanding in this matter.

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