As our special companions enter their silver and golden years, they experience the same bodily changes as we do.  Organs do not function as well as they ought to, and pets may experience a gradual decline in their health that is not immediately noticeable.  Because of their wild heritage, our pets may hide symptoms, and many diseases simply do not have visible symptoms until severe decline has developed.

The first indication that our beloved companions may be experiencing some age-related decline in organ function may be changes in behavior.  A normally housebroken pet suddenly has accidents, or needs to use the potty more frequently.  A pet that used to actively jump up may not be as spry, or be unable to reach a favored napping place.  They may have a more “sensitive stomach,” and vomit for no apparent reason.  By the time we realize these changes in behavior are symptoms of something bigger going on, our pet’s organs have already experienced a significant amount of decline in function and may already be in the later stages of chronic disease.

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Because early detection is the key to a long and healthy life, the Suffolk Veterinary Group Animal Wellness & Laser Surgery Center encourages all our senior pets to have yearly organ function screenings that take a look at their organ health.  Just like when we go to our own medical doctors, you pet will have blood and urine collected, and submitted to our laboratory.  Even if these results are perfectly within normal limits, having them on file allows the Veterinarian to establish a baseline for what is normal for your pet, and to observe trend lines over the course of your pet’s life to detect potential organ disease sooner.  Many organ disease processes may not be reversible, but if detected early enough, supportive care may slow down progression, and manage chronic conditions to keep your pet comfortable and active for longer.

Diagnostic Health Screenings are recommended for dogs and cats age 7 years and older, and are recommended to be completed every year in order to observe trends.

Our Healthy Seinor Pet Preventative Health Screening offers quality veterinary medicine and services all so that you can provide your pet with a lifetime of wellness, and many wags and purrs to come, in sickness as well as good health.

We Believe In A Lifetime Of Wellness & Love

Yearly preventative care is important to keeping your senior pet healthy, and detecting illnesses before they become serious diseases.  Getting your senior pet off on the right paw from the start keeps a healthy family-companion-doctor relationship that will stay with your pet for their entire lives.  Establishing a relationship with us allows us to make medical recommendations tailored to your senior pet’s particular lifestyle and health related concerns, all documented in their medical records, so we can refer quickly to their medical history to evaluate health trends that lead to better diagnosis and recovery.

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Healthy Senior Pet Preventative Health Screening*. . . . . $195.00
Healthy Senior Pet Health Screening Package Price Includes The Following Services:
1.  Super Blood Chemistry Organ Function Screening
2.  Complete Blood Count
3.  T4 Thyroid Function Screening
4.  Free T4 Thyroid Function Screening
5.  Urinalysis Kidney Function Screening

*The Healthy Senior Pet Preventative Health Screening does not include comprehensive physical examination, and is meant to compliment our Healthy Pet Preventative Vaccination Packages, not substitute for them.  Your senior pet should still receive yearly comprehensive physical exam and vaccination as recommended by their veterinarian.

Terms and Conditions Of Healthy Pet Care Program:  Healthy Pet Care Program pricing does not include any lifestyle (non-core) vaccines, dispensed medications, additional diagnostics, treatments, surgeries, or any other services such as nail trims, ear cleanings, or anal gland expressions that may be provided during a visit, and any services that are not specifically indicated to be included in the Healthy Pet Care Program package prices for those specified packages.