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Dr. Christopher J. Winkler, DVM, VMLSO, DABLS
Diplomate, American Board Of Laser Surgery

“I wasn’t inspired to become a veterinarian until later in life. I know many of my colleagues have felt a calling to help animals from a young age. My own passion has always been the application of science in making life better for everyone. I followed this desire to the University of Rhode Island, where I had the privilege of participating in a very unique internship with The Living Seas at EPCOT Center.  During this internship, I had the opportunity to observe the staff veterinarian provide a moray eel with anesthesia and a life-saving surgical procedure.  This veterinarian used his ingenuity to take already existing medical devices and adapt them for this very special patient.  I knew I wanted to do the same, to bring a state-of-the-art medical and surgical service to companion animals.  This is why I am so interested in the benefits of laser medicine and surgery, in both assisting my own and others’ patients and introducing it to our colleagues.  To me being a veterinarian means studying, working, and applying what I’ve learned to improve the quality of life for all of my patients and the families who love them, and to help other veterinarians and their staffs in doing the same in whatever small way.”

Ms. Nicole Winkler, Licensed Veterinary Technician

It was a love of reading that indirectly started me on the path towards becoming a licensed veterinary technician.  Even well into high school my favorite books were always Black Beauty and Where The Red Fern Grows.  If it had a picture of an animal on the cover, I would read it.   I went to university with aspirations to work in wildlife research, only to find that actual careers in this fields were few.  But the same zoos who were not hiring for keepers were desperate for veterinary technicians in their infirmaries.  I returned to school to learn about being a veterinary technician, where an internship in emergency medicine solidified for me that my calling was helping pets get better.  I really enjoy making a difference in a patient’s life with the little things, like making sure they have a warm, clean place to recover from illness, or giving them big hugs and cookies if they’re scared during examinations.  I want to help people learn how to better care for their pets, to prevent so many of the illnesses and accidents that would land a patient in the emergency hospital.  Now I read mostly continuing education articles and veterinary medicine journals to learn more about providing wellness care to the patients I see every day, but still get in an occasional Harry Potter movie with my children.  The best part of being a Licensed Veterinary Technician with the Suffolk Veterinary Group Animal Wellness & Laser Surgery Center are all the wonderful families I get to work with and feel a part of as we come together as a team to ensure their special companions get the best care.

Johnathan & Kevin

The young twin sons of Dr. and Ms. Winkler enjoy helping their parents at work when they can. After overcoming severe canine anxieties, they happily participate with the Puppy Kindergarten classes to help socialize young dogs with the often unpredictable, quirky nature of children. They also help other young children to learn how to “Be A Tree” in order to prevent dog bites. Their favorite TV show is “Paw Patrol,” and they hope to one day have a “puppy just like Chase” of their own.

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