The Veterinarians and PetCare Team of Suffolk Veterinary Group Animal Wellness & Laser Surgery Center highly encourage all of their families to enroll their pets in some form of Pet Health Insurance.  There is such a wide variety of companies and programs out there it is almost certain you will find the right one for your needs and budget.

Bring your pet’s insurance claim form during your pet’s visit for the Veterinarians to fill out.  With Pet Health Insurance, payment is due up front, but after you submit your claim form to your pet health insurance provider, you will be reimbursed based upon your policy specifications.  Pet Health Insurance is particularly important for older pets with chronic medical conditions that require lots of veterinarian visits, in unexpected emergencies, and for chemotherapy treatments.  If you have any questions, please stop by our hospital for literature.

Suffolk Veterinary Group Animal Wellness & Laser Surgery Center does not endorse any one particular pet health insurance company over another, believing that you are the ones best able to make the decision as to which plan provider is right for you and your pet.  Provided below are links to websites of pet health insurance companies to assist you in your research as to the best policy to fit your pet’s particular needs.

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North American Pet Health Insurance Association

From Their Website:  “The North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA) is a freestanding body comprised of reputable and experienced pet health insurance companies and pet health professionals.  As a self-governing, regulating and supporting organization, we are committed to advancing and growing our industry by pooling resources, sharing information, and working together to identify and address challenges and opportunities.”


Nationwide Pet Insurance
(Formerly VPI Pet Insurance)

From Their Website:  “We understand that your companion animals are more than “just pets.” They’re family. That’s why we introduced pet insurance to the U.S. back in 1982 and have been supporting pet owners ever since. Until recently, you may have known us as Veterinary Pet Insurance. However, in 2014 the entire Nationwide Insurance family of companies—including VPI—made the historic move to join together as one company, one culture and one brand: Nationwide. Though our name may be different, our calling remains the same: To help all pets get the care they need. Because above all, we stand behind the promise that Nationwide is on your side.”


ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

From Their Website:  “ASPCA Pet Health Insurance is offered by the Hartville Group through its licensed subsidiary, Petsmarketing Agency, Inc. In 2006, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals® (ASPCA®) chose Hartville—one of the oldest and largest pet insurance providers in the US—as its only strategic partner for pet insurance. Hartville is committed to pet health and to upholding the ASPCA®’s standards for the humane treatment of animals.”

10% of all premium payments are donated to support the ASPCA animal shelter charity.


The Humane Society PetPlan Pet Health Insurance

From Their Website:  “According to pet parents across the nation, Petplan is the top pet health insurance available. And when you consider that more people claim on their pet insurance than on any other form of insurance offered by the Allianz Group,* choosing the right provider for your pet’s health care coverage couldn’t be more important.”


Trupanion Pet Health Insurance

From Their Website:  “With Trupanion, you’ll be able to provide your puppy, kitten, dog, or cat the best medical care possible. You can enroll with a low monthly premium and no deductible, or customize your plan to fit your budget. Trupanion is an affordable way to help protect your pet and yourself.”


Pets Best Insurance

From Their Website:  “The team at Pets Best Insurance is comprised of pet owners and pet lovers, many of whom have veterinary backgrounds and are involved with animal rescue. We understand the special bond that exists between humans and their pets, and we work to ensure pet owners across the country can better afford the best veterinary care.”


Don’t forget to bring your pet health insurance claim form with you at the time of examination, we would be more than happy to fax all relevant information to your pet health insurance provider for you to ensure faster reimbursement for expenses. Call 631-696-2400 to schedule your pet’s appointment right away.