Part of being a responsible pet owner is the compliance with any laws required by such pet ownership.  These laws are not intended to be an inconvenience to pet ownership, but to ensure the health and safety of the public, and the companion animals that people care for.

New York State requires that all owners of dogs 4 months or older register that dog within a statewide database under New York State Dog Licensing Laws.

Not only is this database used by animal control officers to identify your pet should they become lost, but it also ensures the health and safety of the public by keeping Rabies Vaccination information on file.  Failure to have your dog licensed can result in fines and penalties should your dog ever be picked up by an animal control officer.

You can get your dog’s application for a NYS Dog Licenses through the Brookhaven Town Clerk’s Office.  Residents outside of the Town of Brookhaven should check their own particular Town Clerk’s Office and website for application information.

Click Here For Link To Brookhaven Town Clerk Website

New York State Dog Licensing Laws require dog owners to:

1.  Have their dog regularly vaccinated for Rabies in accordance with NYS Rabies Vaccination laws, and provide a Veterinarian signed certificate proving such vaccination.

Click Here To Read NYS Mandatory Rabies Law

2.  Display their dog’s Dog License Tag visibly on a collar.

3.  Regular renewal of such Dog License for the life of the dog, and keep contact information up-to-date.

4.  Inform the Town Clerk’s Office in writing of any change in ownership of the dog within 10 days from the date of change.   Such information may include a bill of sale, or certificate of surrender.  The new owners of the dog are therefore responsible for applying for an NYS Dog License upon receipt of the dog, and the old owner will be responsible for any violations of NYS Dog Licensing Laws until such time as the new owners have been issued an NYS Dog License in their name.

5.  Inform the Town Clerk’s Office in writing within 10 days of discovery of a lost or stolen pet.

6.  Inform the Town Clerk’s Office of a dog’s death in writing either upon death, or during the next renewal cycle.

If you’d like to schedule your pet for their yearly health care and vaccination so that they can register for their New York State Dog License, call 631-696-2400.